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Leading with Purpose

Through our 2022 Elected & Appointed Officers  

King Solomon's temple was built and adorned through the collaborative efforts of thousands of skilled and celebrated leaders, laborers, and artisans – Harmony Lodge #53 Offers exercise these same principles to guide our Lodge and the men who comprise it in achieving new heights.

Meet Our Officers

Jason Q Standish

Worship Master

Dave L Spangler


Jared A Gwaltney

Senior Warden

Cliff G Cook 


Bruce E Young, PM

Junior Warden

Kyle T Whery

Senior Deacon

Randy A Emerson

Junior Deacon

Gerald E Logue

Senior Steward

William R Frazee III

Junior Steward

Vernald D Keen, Sr


Duane A Duncan, PM (#135)


Wayne C Brown, PM

Our Past Masters


Harmony's Past Masters remain active in the leadership and support of the Lodge in whatever capacity is required. Some return as Officers while others handle the planning of activities.  No matter the role, all of our Past Masters are dedicated to helping Brothers pursue their Masonic goals.  

William Yale: 1967, 1982

Wayne C Brown: 1972

Dave E Ewing: 1981, 1987, 2013

Ben F Caldwell Jr: 1996-1997, 2000

Charles L Loving Sr: 1998, 2001

Armand B Francart (#545): 2000

Carl D Wiggins: 2002, 2005

Robert F Trimble (#545): 2002

Rick A Gough: 2003

Cecil P Gough III: 2004, 2006

Dean A DeRose (#545): 2004, 2015

Duane A Duncan (#135): 2006-08, 2014-15

Vernald D Keen Jr: 2007-12, 2014-17

Carl W Lee (#135): 2010-11, 2017

Warren T Wallace (#545): 2017, 2018

Bruce E Young: 2018-2019, 2021

Michael J Bowen: 2020

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